USB condom

USB condom on steroids

  1. Full Data Protection (charge only mode)

  2. Data Transfer Indicator


The first version, which is very easy to assemble ;)


USB Condom with the switch between data transfer and charge mode


USB Condom v2.2 + ANTI-USB_KILLER feature on-board

Why do I need USB Condom? What problem does it solve?

There are a lot of different USB devices in the world that can put your phones, laptops, computers and any device with a USB interface in danger.

You can face such attacks as:

  • Juice jacking. It is a type of cyber attack involving a charging port that doubles as a data connection. This often involves either installing malware or surreptitiously copying sensitive data from a smart phone, tablet, or other computer device.

  • USB Killer. It is an adapted device that can fry an entire device. Instead of a flash memory chip, its innards contain capacitors and a DC-DC converter that alters the voltage level of direct current. This is a deadly combination for your average USB port, along with anything attached to it.

  • BadUSB. It is a type of hacker attack when a little USB stick firmware can be recognized as a keyboard, network adapter or anything else.

You can do it yourself!

All Condoms are open sourced, and our repositories are open to your Pull Requests to make the project better :)

Scheme and BOM (Bill of materials) are available: usb-c0nd0m (main) and a fork at GitHub.

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